Saturday, March 24, 2012


garvie and i went for a very nice dinner at roma tonight, it was like a date night...nice. garvie thought that maybe there was a chance, a good chance, she ate too much but sometimes when the food is good you just have to...tonight was also the last night of food and good times at refuel. i told ailsa i may go by there later tonight for a last drink...and when i was driving home i just couldn't stop myself.

i wanted to say good-bye to a place that was my local, even just for a short time. great people, really great people - the glue of any restaurant - good honest food, a place to take friends, a place that made a burger that the garbs and i loved more than we really should have, a Margarita made by jessie that was second to none, a place guys could sit at the bar - corie, he who can not be named on the blog and the garbs - and share some laughs and be fed like kings, a place i could go for a dinner after being away for six weeks with ailsa and feel like i was home and happy to be so. a place i could go after cutting grass and feel like i wasn't pissing them off for being there with grass on my shoes.
thank-you katharine, jane, paulus, sugar, crystal, jessie, teran, et all....thank-you. i mean it.


g. xo

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