Friday, October 15, 2010

sometimes the most innocent thing

i just, well yesterday, downloaded Tusk by fleetwood mac. i have always had a soft spot for this album - even though at the time it was released in 1979 it was seen as a failure because it didn't sell as well as rumours i still loved it...when i was playing in pepe deluxe with the snfu boys (with some help from the roswells, hard rock miners and doa as well) we really should have done Angel from that album...could have been a show stopper.
floyd and issy bought me that album - like a real actual record album - for christmas that year and i remember it came with a lot of stuff - cards inside, fold-out this and that, etc...and really that's what's really missing from cds and such now - no extra shit. being able to read the notes in the end wax, etc. i love that shit.
anyhow. i love that song angel and i'm gonna listen to it again right fuckin' now.

beat that.

g. xo

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