Friday, October 29, 2010

sowing seeds for halloween

the other day i planted my winter flowers, very manly, and today - after soaking the seeds overnight - i planted my winter garden. i'm a little late in this but after talking with the dude down at art knapp, i'm willing to give it a go. i've planted some seeds directly and others i have in cups in dirt trying to germinate them and then plant them. so i have two chances to get it right...i also put more seeds in the ground just now to really up my chances - if they all sprout i'll just pull some out. i planted parsnips, carrots, chard, red onions, yellow onions and beets. tomorrow, after soaking them, i'm gonna plants spinach that mishi gave me seeds for.
here goes.
ailsa's daughter, fiona, is having her halloween action at school today and wanted to be a corpse brind - i mean, what little girl doesn't want to be that? ailsa made her a great little costume that she'll wear today to school, and then again sunday night when she goes trick or treating...nice action. good work garvie.
ok. i'm off to run errands...and maybe a taco or two...

g. xo

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