Tuesday, October 26, 2010

wanna buy an elephant?

this is a photo from a while ago - but it looks just like this...different rims will come with the element.

just in case any of you want one or know anyone who may want one....the lawn order honda element is up for sale.

some details:

2003 honda element.
245K (high i know...)
new starter, new alternator, great rubber, new igniton/key tumbler, front struts replaced, new windshield, timing belt has been changed. passed air car no problema.
i used this as a work vehicle so know that cosmetically the interior is not primo. some things are being replaced but the scratches cannot be fixed. the paint is good but, again, not primo.
it has the premium stereo for that model year, including sub woofer and aux in for ipod play.

i will be selling this when i get back from mexico in december. (after dec. 8th to be exact.)

so if you know anyone who may be interested please let me know...the price is pretty sweet.

g. xo

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