Tuesday, October 05, 2010

hello bellingham....mishi's here to try on your used clothes!

it's was another trip to bellingham where mishi tries on the best of the best at the value village - she goes there to buy vintage clothing patterns and fabric but can't resist trying on some goods while she's there. good times.
yesterday's action was also garbs-centered as she needed to get the man some new clothes that are a better deal down there - dickie's this and that...he scored pretty well yesterday.
we both also loaded up at trader joe's - the garbs doing very well here as well as did garvie - and had a nice quesadilla each at casa que pasa - the house of what's up...
it was a very domestic type purchase day for me - new bath towels, dish towels, rubbermaid storage containers, trader joe's...not as exciting as new clothes but all needed....nice.
have a great tuesday!

g. xo

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