Thursday, October 21, 2010

demo-goodness aka givin' it all away

why should i stand back and let corie and katherine have all the fun? i mean really? ailsa's getting her bathrooms re-done and as she's doing them one at a time, the small one was on the chopping block last night. i took over a few wrecking tools and a big garbage can and was also armed with a few names and numbers, as i had listed on craigslist that would have a few good bathroom items available very soon, so as they came out i'd call people.
or that was the plan.

my car loaded with the crapper and other bathroom items.

the pedestal sink and toilet, both in great shape, both came out no problema, the wrinkle was, as the night progressed, no one who said they were interested or coming by actually called or showed-up. fuckers. no biggie. this morning i went at the shower and had it all out in about an hour and a half and was ready to get rid of all this gear. more phone calls, one guy came by but didn't take anything, some texts, but nothing concrete. then i decided to load-up and head to the dump. then one late text. they wanted the dumper and the sink. could i bring it to them? nope. could i wait? only so long. they were on their way. ok. sure. i told them to hurry as i was already done with this thing an hour previous. (the texts had gone back and forth...and back and forth...)
in the end, as everything was in my element ready for the dump, i met them - a young man and his aunt, i think, in behind the CIBC bank at 28th and main and they took it all away. no dump action. nice. all good.

now all loaded in their car.

now i need a snack. some pics tomorrow of the demo. a little blood but all in good fun.

g. xo

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