Tuesday, October 26, 2010

seeding this, seeding that.

today, after cutting the last lawn of the season, i took some of the goods i bought at art knapp (a place that's now just that little bit harder to get to because of the bike lane on pacific - and honestly, it's the first time that lane has affected where i've needed to go but i can see why the folks at art knapp are pissed off...but i digress...) and i planted them...what's them? well, some winter pansies of course. since i took the summer plants out it's been a little dreary out there - and hopefully we get enough sun over the winter that they give the deck a little color. it'll be good.
i also bought some seeds for some winter veggies i'm gonna grow - onions, chard, carrots, beets, parsnips, etc...some i'm gonna seed directly into the soil tomorrow, the others i'm gonna germinate in the house and transplant into the garden at a later date. (this will either happen when i get back or while i'm away with the help of katherine and corie who will be staying here while i'm gone.) i'm stoked to grow some root veggies that i love to use in stews and with roasts. nice.
i think i bought a new car today as well. well, new to me. the details of which will be worked out but i think it's a good deal for both parties involved. i get a car i know the history of and they, my pals at voltage, get a deal they're happy with and they don't have to deal with tire kickers. yup, the elephant is going away - but i may know where - and i'm replacing it with a nice red and black 2006 model. i'll be sad to see it go, the elephant, it's been a great car to me and taken me to a lot of places worry-free.
so for those of you keeping track at home - i leave for mexico nov. 4th and will be back on the 8th of dec. try and be good while i'm away. i'm hoping to see my pal richardo, headquater head honcho, in mexico city while i'm there and get the super locals tour. i e.mailed him and he's happy i'm coming and it'll be great to see him.

ok. more laundry.

g. xo

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