Tuesday, October 19, 2010


a few things.

for the first time in, well, forever, since its inception, topanga cafe will be open on sundays - kinda. andrew is opening the cafe on sundays from 3 pm to 7 pm for take-out only, good idea. last sunday was the first, this sunday the next. so for those of you, and me, who need a little topanga-type love on a sunday, get it now.
is anyone else as bored by hockey on tv as i am? i try, i really do - and it could just be the games i've seen thus far but, man, boring. and i don't care who's been playing - with a few exceptions, of course, but man...big yawn.
i just saw bengie molina hit a three run homer...good lord i love that fat little fella. go texas.
for those of you who have asked me, from time to time, about my mailbox in point roberts - i don't have one. what i use there is a mail receiving service that you can use too. simply have any mail you want to go there addressed to you as if it's your address there. in point bob. and that's that. 145 tyee drive, point roberts, washington, 98281 is the address and away you go. no in care of, or any of that...just your name and that address. bingo.
shit. i just checked in on the canucks game...wow. 6-1 for the wild. love it. first bengie now that score. sometimes the nights are alright.
in case you've ever wondered - they can tow your car even if your dog or cat or tiger is in the back of it. i saw it the other day as a buster's tow-truck take a car away from the front of capers on west fourth ave. i even phoned buster's as it was happening - and the crowd assembled that wanted to 'clock' the tow truck driver - and they said they do it all the time. nice.
today - five lawns and some other errand action, at least two more lawns tomorrow...
have fun - ok?

g. xo

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Anonymous said...

yes, hockey, super boring. completely unwatchable. the catching Molina brothers great. Watching the Yanks and their fans stress out, pure enjoyment. To bad it's not the Sox handing out this beating but I do love the way the Rangers play. Classic. The double steal on Saturday was rad, Posada totally fell for it. It'll be Giants v Rangers in the series.

time to stretch.