Monday, October 18, 2010

cheap like...lasagna..

well, the truth is, it's not cheap - the first time you make it, or if you haven't made it in a while because you have to buy things you'll never use all of, like spices and such. that's ok, i like lasagna and, while i know i kinda screw-up the recipe a little, it always seems to work out...well, as far as i'm concerned. i figured it would be the perfect baseball watching meal for tonight so i headed off to bosa and bought the goods to make it - sausage, ground beef, noodles, spices, then cheese on granville island...nice. it's in the oven now so it should be ready by the start of the second inning. and by the seventh inning stretch i'll be passed out on the couch in a carb coma.
yesterday garvie asked me to go to ikea with her - i must really like her going to ikea on a sunday...and i, off we went. she's doing renos on her bathrooms and is getting some of her bits from the swedes. i'll be doing some bathroom wrecking later this week and am kinda looking forward to it. if you know anyone who needs a toilet, or two, and a bathroom sink, or two - one a pedestal style the other a vanity style, let me know, i know where they can get one. or two.
after ikea we went and looked at some tile for her bathroom floor and then did a little hang out and shop on granville island...pretty good day. oh, and speaking of good...ailsa took a couple of my spaghetti squash home and made a wicked soup with them that i enjoyed last night here...pretty good....thanks ailsa!
go texas!

g. xo


tamara said...

hey- how was the lasagna?

i made a ham, bacon, potato, & onion quiche with three cheeses last night that was totally wicked....

i love cooking in the winter!

your favorite idiot said...

it was awesome!