Thursday, October 28, 2010

hit it.

ever since i first ate the burger at refuel on west fourth, i have been singing its praises. the garbs has had it, corie, andrew and dan...but not joel. so i decided that we, the boys, should all go out and have burgers at refuel before i get on the silver eagle and head south. so i e.mailed everyone, got it all sorted and then, fucked...turned out that last night, the night we had all settled on, was the big lamb night or something at refuel and it was invite only. so...we headed down the street to roscoe's or ronson', romer's. that's it, romer's. and i'll say this - nice sized burger, decent meat, good ingredients, nice selection, etc but it was no refuel buger, not even close. (i'd even say kinda dry while the refuel burger is awesome drippy goodness down your chin)...and a tad hot in there and i'm just not a fan of sports-type restaurants - as much as i like seeing the giants/rangers game. too many tv's. anyhow...still great to have dinner with the boys and have a few laughs. i think everyone went home fat and happy.


g. xo

joel enjoys a drink at romer's.

dan and eugene love romer's.

corie telling a story about his and katherine's new house...

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