Sunday, October 24, 2010

red leaves and pumpkins...

it's that time of year again and while i'm not generally amazed by nature - i like it just fine but i'm not one to stand in awe (maybe that's what's wrong with me...) but, i do like the changing colors of the fall season. it really marks the end of, not only summer and that the wet cold winter is coming, bit for me the end of lawn cutting season. season six is in the books - more or less (a couple more this week and that'll be that...), the mowers get tucked away and allowed to sleep until march and i give the tendinitis in my elbows a rest for a few months. i do love the mowing but will admit that once the wet comes and the lawns are hard to cut and the fuckin' leaves are there and a pain to move - i'm less thrilled by it. lucky season seven next year. i look forward to it. and as a last look at it all - some of my lawns - i took a drive today and made sure they were all tucked away nicely and took a few pictures of some finely colored trees.

and more of the season that is, tonight ailsa and fiona came over tonight and brought with them a few pumpkins that we were gonna carve up and then light up with candles. good times. i'm a fan of cutting up the gourds. and then, after doing our best on the pumpkins we ate a nice little dinner - mini burgers and home made fries...oh, and a nice salad....i'm also a fan of the burgers (much like the garbs...)

ok. time to have a little relax.

g. xo

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