Monday, April 30, 2012

by nature.

i am, by nature, pretty lazy. i try not to be. and i do get shit done but on days like these - rain and such, it sure makes it hard to get outside. or even think about getting off the couch or stop puttering at home and procrastinating.
yesterday i stayed home almost all day - save for a walk to the drug store to get some drugs for my head. i felt like shit yesterday - whenever the weather changes i get these terrible pressure headaches and get very dizzy and just plain feel crappy. cam came by to give me a plant for my big yellow pot and a few times while he was here i thought i was gonna fall over....after he left i thought i was gonna hurl from the feeling. once i get some sinus medicine in me i'm generally ok but yesterday it lasted long into the night...i feel a little better today, the weather changed again so...less headache.
no lawns today. but i was suppose to cut tomorrow but we'll have to see how that goes - i believe it's suppose to be crappy most of the week...
i am going to go out to tsawwassen today to have lunch with issy and also pick up some soil at a nursery near her place. i need a few bags to top up the garden and they're having a sale there so a little lunch and then some food for my garden as well. kinda.
tomorrow morning i'm heading to the plant auction with miss marcy and grabbing tomatoes and flowering plants to make it all just so out there on my deck...i think ailsa and fiona are going to come by on the weekend and help plant everything.
ok...have fun in the rain.

g. xo

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