Friday, April 13, 2012

corndogs and old dudes...

i have decided that on this trip, as short as it is, i'm going to be as organized as possible - not that i have been in the past but i do kinda let things just happen sometimes. and sometimes they don't. i don't always write addresses down because if i've been there once or twice i can, usually, find it again - i do possess a great sense of direction but sometimes the exact street eludes me. but i have printed off the flights and numbers, hotel addresses and yesterday got the yankees tickets in the mail - i really am a little bummed that the mets are not in town because the mets are baseball in new york for me, the yankees are...well....not. but i haven't been to the new yankee stadium and it'll be fun with garvie and fiona's all perfecto. fiona is stoked to have a corndog and i think a baseball game is the exact perfect place to have one. i will not, however, allow her to leave the park with a yankees hat.
cam has been heading up the coordination of my boston red sox tickets and they arrived in the mail yesterday as well. sadly they were for the game on saturday not the game on tuesday...the tickets are courtesy of jess' uncle in boston who has season's tickets. so they have been sent back and the correct ones are being sent to my hotel, the fine constitution inn, in boston. all online reports suggest that it is a shit hole. i'm excited to find out. so a big thanks to cam and jess for making this happen...hopefully the front desk staff don't steal my tickets..
yesterday was interesting...lunch with he who can not be named on the blog - though i was suppose to be having an already scheduled lunch with the lovely miss marcy emery - which i did after my first lunch...(no, i didn't have two lunches but did race from one to the other after my brain made the connection that i was suppose to be somewhere else) was great to see marcy, who is looking great and seems happy with her life with the horses in the valley and her new man...not so new now but she's all shacked up and happy and smiling.
last night was the first bomber playoff game and it was a spirited affair. we played the north shore blazers, a team we had never beaten, until last night. we played a pretty solid game. lots of shots, heavy fore checking and finished up 4-2 in the end...but the best part, for the chirping from the young guys on their team near the end. and maybe i didn't have the trash talk chops when i was that young either but really, they have to work on their material. it all centres around how old we are...our youngest player is, i think, 30 and our oldest they love to dish out the old guy comments. at one point i was getting a penalty of something and one of their players, a kid about 25, took one as well and as we were skating to the penalty box, he was going off about how old i was and a few other choice age related comments...i loved it. it's so good. especially when i told him how many goals i had scored and asked him how many he had...oh, none. and how the old guys were schooling him. at one point one of their guys yelled that i was 100 years old....LOVE IT! ah to be young. i will miss the second game of the playoffs but hopefully the bombers win the game and i can come home to more hockey. go bombers. to get shit done.

g. xo

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