Monday, April 23, 2012

fat guys and tree leaves

i had to transfer today and saw that i had a middle seat on the second flight, so i had to get that fixed. i'm an aisle guy. i need that. i shift around and hate bothering people if i have to go to the bathroom and...i need the aisle. so i got it. and was happy and even happier when she told me there was no one sitting next to me giving me a little extra room to spread out.
then, just as the doors were about to close and the guy next to me one seat over and i were going to have a little room between us, he came down the aisle. the fat old guy. and as he got closer i knew it was all over, and it was. i got up and he mad ehis move for the middle seat and in the process put the middle arm rest up because with it down he wouldn't have fit between the seats - or at least it would have been tight. so there i was with a guy who not only was wide enough to be pushing against me - in fact partially on my seat - but who also crossed his arms a lot so his elbows were in me and let his legs fall to the sides so his leg was in my area great. i know, i know, i should have said something but with my luck being pretty good the last few days it was bound to happen. we were in the very last row so i just spend the better part of the flight standing and sometimes sitting in the back area near the bathrooms either reading or watching a movie on my phone...i did sit next to him for little bits here and there but all his shifting made me wanna knock him out so i just got up and did my own thing.
i made it home without starting anything and i see that as a win. so...
and when i got home my japanese maple has gone bananas. when i left it had some shoots but now it's in full bloom. nice. as are my japanese willows. next week a trip to the flower auction with miss marcy to get this garden started again. oh, and more mary jane this year as well....

g. xo

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