Tuesday, April 17, 2012

goes to show. communique from boston.

my flight landed at 7:30 am this morning but i wasn't able to check in to my hotel until 3 pm - which turned out to be half YMCA, half hotel...i dunno...and in the middle of nowhere, but that's ok...so i dropped off my bag and then went and had a nap in the park for an hour because i was too tired to go walk around. i was hoping i could get into my room before 3 pm. i was able to and had a little downtime between 11:45 and 2 pm or so...so i was good to go.

i dropped a few emails to leora, my pal here, and we made a plan to meet at the gate at fenway. i was very excited to go to fenway after a lot of years of trying to get there and with the help of jess and cam i was getting great seats as well.
now for those of you who don't know, i recently drove to boston and then flew to berlin to see lambchop - a great trip and a great show in berlin...and tonight, by complete fluke, lambchop were in town a few blocks away from fenway. so i bought tickets to see them in case we could make it. why not? they were 16 bux.

before i left vancouver i was telling he who can not be named on the blog that i was hoping to see lambchop and see the whole sox game and that i had, rarely, left a game early (i did once so i wouldn't have to see barry bonds hit in the 9th - he hit a home run as i drove away listening to the game on the radio, and the other time i left a long game in kansas city and bob hamlin, a player i loved, hit a game ending home run as i drove away listening to the game on the radio..) he who can not be named said i could have a pass since it was a kinda a road trip and i should try and get it all in...so.

tonight in the eighth the texas rangers were beating the red sox 8-2 we decided to leave to and go see lambchop. and then the texas rangers really went to town. the final score 18-3...good lord.

in the end it was a great day here. a heat wave is happening, i had a great walk around town, saw the red sox at fenway, saw lambchop at the paradise rock bar and saw leora, a friend of thirty years....i think. great.

tomorrow morning i'll be hitting the amtrak station and heading to NYC and meeting up with ailsa, fiona, dorothy and tom for some action in the big city - yankees game thursday, MOMA, and gavin's wedding saturday.
ok..bed time...

g. xo

more pics from the day below...


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