Wednesday, April 04, 2012

hatzic action and couch thoughts...more of them.

so a little more...
i touched on the seattle sofa trip yesterday but will expand a bit here. even though the sofa made by steven anthony in california was a bust, i think i just got a lemon. i still love his sofas but have decided that i will not order one from him but will look for one on a showroom floor that i like and buy it. i am still open to other sofas but have not sen much that i like. i did go by design within reach in seattle to look at a number but in person it looked less appealing than it did on line. too bad. i went by area 51 in seattle, on mishi's recommendation, and saw that they had four or five steven anthony sofas. one too short, one amazing sectional, one with crazy fabric and one i am considering - but it may be too long. i had a couch 76" long, the one i bought from fullhouse was 84" and looked great in the room but it was subpar and had to go back and the one at area 51 is 90" and i think it may be too long. beautiful sofa. same style of sofa except with a different configuration. anyways...i'm thinking about it. a lot.

ok. that's the sofa update.

it was nice in mission today - it had the potential to be super shitty but it never happened. nice to hang out and have a few laughs with the boys, work on some gags, blow a little smoke...even if it took me and hour and a bit to drive home...all good.

now, after a long shower, a little relax.

have fun.

g. xo

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