Monday, April 23, 2012

good bye washington. hello milwaukee!

i can have problems sleeping. it's true. and while not really the princess and the pea, i do have trouble with new surroundings and beds in hotels and can lay awake for hours sometimes. yesterday i went from the Y in NYC to Oh My in washington dc at the doubletree in....a hilton number of sorts. pretty good. but around 1:30 am i started hearing this odd low rumbling sound. over and over. and in time. like a low steam engine a few doors away.
snoring. i could hear, or more like feel, a person snoring next door. and it was wierd because i couldn't really hear it was almost like sensing it. but it was there and it would go for 10 or 15 minutes. then stop. then start again. and maybe the reason my room, that would have been a $250.00 room in new york, was $88.00 in washington. i did get it on hotwire so that helped but the fact that i had a view of the freeway - which i couldn't hear - and knew when others had come to the floor by the chiming of the elevator announcing their arrival...maybe that's why it was cheap. all in all it was a very nice hotel and the staff were awesome.
the airport was fucked. the ronald reagan airport. too many people, for too many flights first thing in the morning, all trying to get through security via one section of the airport. it's a small airport and they were having some pipeline issues today and we were all just getting to our gates just as the planes were boarding. one TSA agent had to ask her co-worker, after i had handed my ID to her, if my ID was for canada or mexico. seriously. these people are keeping you safe when you fly in the USA.
good times.
i'm now cooling my heels in milwaukee before i fly out to seattle in an hour or so.
see you all soon. have fun today.

g. xo

and congrats to the bombers who won their playoff game the other night and that will allow me to play one more playoff game thursday night. nice.

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