Sunday, April 22, 2012

yesterday was a big day in the big apple - as much as i feel awkward using the term big apple while here i'm saying it now. ailsa and i had a little time alone yesterday morning to walk around and get some coffee and see what was what before she had to go and get ready for the wedding action, so that was york agrees with garvie, she really likes it and talks often of coming back - she's been many times before and likes what it has to offer. i like what it has to offer as well but it somewhat smaller does than most it seems...

but what i needed and wanted yesterday in a bigger dose was some tacos and gavin had recommended a taqueria in the back of a store on tenth ave near 47th so after ailsa and i parted i hoofed it down to 47th and made my way to the back of the store where the women were serving all manner of mexican goodness out of a small window.
i was not disappointed. if i lived anywhere in that 'hood i'd be on a first name basis with those women and my spanish would improve greatly - i got to use a little of my spanish there and it felt good. three tacos and a large mexican coke later and i was good to go. and go i did. i walked a little more, bought some sneakers and then went back to the Y for a little relax before putting on my 'sunday go to meeting' clothes and to ailsa's hotel to get the car to the wedding.

 everyone was all done up and looked great - ailsa in a beautiful dress she picked up in vancouver, dorothy in a lovely long purple number, fiona in a wonderful flower girl dress with sash and tom dapper in a striking blue suit. i looked like a guy wearing a vintage suit someone could very well have died in but it was all good....i think. i actually looked in the mirror at one point in the bathroom at the wedding and thought, 'i don't look like a complete idiot...'

and so it was. gavin marrying michelle in a bookstore in soho. it was awesome. it's kind of hard to imagine until you get there and see the space and see it with all the people and the all the trimmings. i have not been to a lot of weddings in my lifetime but would have to say it was probably one of the best i have ever been to...and after dinner and little dancing, at around 9:30 pm a waffle truck showed-up and the world was your oyster. so maybe it was the best wedding i have ever been to.

the rain had been predicted all week to be falling as they were suppose to be doing their photos and, as luck would have it, held off until we were all heading home in cabs fat and happy from a great dinner and waffles afterwards. a great start to a brand new chapter in their lives.

i want to thank the brown's and michelle's family - whose last name i have forgotten here and now as i speed down the amtrak line towards washington, d.c., for inviting me to attend the wedding and allowing me to be part of the whole week in nyc and witness the fervor that is wedding planning and production. it was a great few days - a little baseball, a little museum, some great food, walking, wedding, waffles...nice.
i'm on my way to the washington nationals game, which i'm hoping is not rained out and will head back to seattle tomorrow morning.

have fun today!

g. xo

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