Friday, April 27, 2012

burger search...donut downer.

today was long lawn day. my pal jessica, daughter of topanga cafe tom and new mom of twins, needed an emergency cut and i was shocked when i saw the length of it but...i was game. (she's like family, if it was someone else calling, someone i didn't know, i would have passed on it...)

it was a go i'll tell you. i could only cut so much since once you got down a little it was super wet and clogged the mower. but, in the end, it looked pretty good. lawn order to the rescue. i still haven't seen the twins...

i needed a little lunch after that so i called the garbs and asked him if he wanted to try max's burgers over on eighth ave near whole paycheque. ever since refuel closed we've been burger starved and max's is our first burger together since then. we need to find another go to when we want a burger...vera's is bullshit (usually) has no have a few choices but have to work through it until we find the next burger joint we can call out own. and after visiting max's today i'm here to tell you, max's is not it. not by a longshot. crappy bun, poor toppings, tasteless 'special sauce'. thumbs down. oh, and the fries are limp. take the garbs' word on this - pass. next up pourhouse in gastown.

we then tried to bring our spirits back up we decided try the new donut place at hastings and carrall. the garbs had heard it was pretty, maybe not so much. and really, a three dollar donut? when the garbs asked why it was three bucks he was told it was because they used organic ingredients, made them by hand, does ethical bean and they charge half the price. so what's the deal? we almost headed to la taqueria just to get something in us we liked so we could forget the food we had had in the last hour...we didn't, but we should have.
tonight i'm gonna bbq some chicken and make a nice salad action so that should make up for the junk i ate today...

have fun...

g. xo

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