Tuesday, April 10, 2012

jesus sees his shadow

well, that's easter for another year. jesus saw his shadow, bunnies delivered eggs and kids worldwide suffered severe sugar crashes around five pm sunday....as adults we delivered flowers, gave hugs and ate ham and/or turkey. i broke out larry and gave him a car wash and then headed out to deliver some goodies to issy and have a little visit and then head to garvie's parent's place for the hossdown. my new policy, like mine at xmas and other such pagen celebrations, is to eat one plate of food and one plate only. i go home without having to let my belt out a notch and not pass out on the couch after dinner while trying to have a conversation with someone.
today is hand in the paperwork and receipts for my taxes. i take one day - yesterday - to sort and calculate and today to deliver it all to my guy in north van. i'm always nervous but it always seems to work out....fingers crossed as usual. i need to find a box and some elastics but i'm basically done. i wanted to get that all sorted before i head off to boston next monday and i managed to do it...look at me go.
a little later today - before the rain comes - will be two lawns at opposite ends of the city and maybe a mirror hanging at ailsa's place. maybe. i've got it in the back of my car but i may need some help from the garbs....i'll just have to be able to find him...and i have a chiro appointment later as well so...maybe tomorrow.

have fun today.

g. xo

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