Sunday, July 24, 2011

a week to say.

floyd in his new lawn order nixon shirt

well..i dunno.
without getting into too much detail, it has been a bit of a time for me of late. a time of change and surprise and uncertainty and ....and somehow, i have managed to navigate it - well, as best i can. i doing ok. last week in particular was one of wonder and, maybe, just maybe, it was a test. and i think i passed. tomorrow is a new start to a new week and soon a start to a new month and i will, do my best there as well.
the last few days in pictures below...sometimes the words just don't fit and...and i sit here at the ferry terminal in victoria waiting for the next sailing, i feel less like writing about the last few days but rather will give you the visuals.

be well. stay steady and calm.

g. xo

jenn and i took the ferry over to victoria today...jenn was returning home after a lovely week with her man marc - who has gone back to thunder(dome) bay for work...i was going to visit floyd and janine so i offered her a ride in larry over...she accepted.

there was a surprise birthday party yesterday evening for dan - a potluck (i made beef brisket tacos with pico de gallo and salsa verde...) joel and scott had a great time...i think.

more jenn on the ferry...almost losing her hat.

a sexy soft focus scott shot. i love him.

who loves tacos? omayra does!

andy and andrew enjoy a night out.

al really enjoyed his night out.

the birthday boy and dan. they love every night out.

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jimmyp said...

wow you have a lot of bald friends