Sunday, July 31, 2011


i bought a lot of hamburger from the boys at columbus meats yesterday, but had the idea that if i didn't use it all - and i didn't - i would make myself some chili tonight for dinner - which i have...i love chili. just basic ground beef, kidney bean, chili...i add black beans as well as onions and mushrooms and it's a pretty good snack. and with a few of them mini hamburger buns left over from last night, i've got some pretty good vehicles for sauce and chili.
i finally made it out of the house today after being stuck in my apartment for most of the morning - i cleaned a little, did some laundry, chatted with shauna on-line for a bit, had some coffee, and found it hard to leave because the weather looked like shit. and then. it cleared and i made a break for it. i went to granville island and saw the garbs and mishi and took with me some smoked salmon i had gotten from one of my lawn order clients as payment, and mishi and i went to the market and bought some bagels and goods to put on them. pretty good. holy run on.
afterwards i went up fourth and did a little shopping and then ran into 'he who can not be named on the blog' and we went for coffee at a new joint just down from my place..bido? bibo? i dunno...i'll get the name later, it's pretty good. i'm happy it's close to home. i'm gonna go there tomorrow as well.

then it was time to go for a short ride on my motorcycle - i like going out to the airport and riding down to iona beach or whatever it's called...i stopped and watched the planes - i love that shit...and then rode around for a while but had to come home as my hands were cramping up as they word as to why they do - i've had tests...they just do. but it was great to get out on the bike and feel like i should keep the bike. i do love it.
then it was chili making time and right now, chili eating time.
i'm gonna eat some more.

have a great night and nice holiday monday tomorrow...

g. xo

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