Monday, July 18, 2011

out there the sounds come in loud and clear

there are areas of the states that, if you're driving around late at night - and even during the days sometimes - you can pick up radio stations several states away from the one you're in. nevada is great for this - as the stations you can get while in washington. i remember listening to stations in carson city and needles while i drove in eastern washington on my way somewhere. i used to love listening to game calls in parks so far away from where i was but it gave me comfort as i drove out in the middle of nowhere. i love the call of vin scully. so many times i drove through small towns close to LA and listened to him as he called the dodgers games. his voice is so distinct. in the hall of fame and for good reason. his is a dying breed - the likes of harry carey and ernie harwell, who are, indeed, dead. i had the pleasure of meeting carey at wrigley field years ago and the honor of standing outside harwell's booth as he called a A's and Tiger's game in Oakland.
tonight vin is calling the game between the giants and the dodgers and i don't even think you need to like baseball to enjoy listening to him. i find myself making my dinner and just listening to him, hardly ever looking at the tv.
i'm making soup. i like soup.

g. xo

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