Friday, July 15, 2011

and you look like me...

...and i look like no one else...oh dulli.
you know, lou reed really hasn't made a great or even good album since 'new york' and even it was suspect. and between 'street hassle' and 'new york' was the awful mistrial - what a fuckin' dog.
the mariners, as i watch right now, have gone 22 scoreless innings. that's not so good...and a shame really that ichiro will play on that team and never get his due. a west coast superstar. and the east coast couldn't give a shit. i told the garbs when he saw him play to pay attention because he was watching a future hall of fame player.

jurgen and i rode our bikes to the testing station this week, the DMV, but he got the info wrong on the testing times so it was a ride to burnaby for nothing, no we'll go again next week. i think.
i managed to get four lawns cut today - two at lunch and the other two after work - so that's good...i have two more to do over the weekend, maybe three, but it's all about the weather now - this summer is the best ever. did you see it?
i helped a guy at the gas station tonight. he was walking around asking people for directions somewhere and no one could help him so i asked him where he was trying to get to or go...he was trying to find his way back to the border - he was from arizona - and didn't know how to get there and no one, not the attendant at the station, not the three other people at the gas one. so i piped up and asked if i could help. and i could. and let me say this, i'm no smarter than the average bear, but i know how to get places...(cam and jess actually sent me a text tonight asking for help with the distance between US cities so they could make a plan....they're in wyoming ...) and i know that guy's pain asking people for directions and no one knowing. i've been in cities in the states and asked people for directions to the baseball stadium and they don't know how to get to their own team's stadium...anyhow, he was on his way and i'm sure has crossed the border by now. see ya pal.

an old chevy chevette has shown up in our underground visitor parking and it's filled with crap, like the guy is living in his car. or does most of the time. so awesome.
now 24 scoreless innings.
i ate a couple cherry tomatoes yesterday and just now put a couple in a pasta sauce i cooked up..pretty good stuff. i saw a few more little green tomatoes out there today on the big plant so i'm crossing my fingers...
the garbs and i ate like champs last night at refuel - where we saw the lovely erin shaw and her good pal, name i have forgotten....sorry, as they were sampling the goods there as well...a media dinner of sorts - hopefully she'll give refuel a good review...they looked like they were treating them right.
also...i may have worked for a burger today as i cut the grass of one of the women at refuel...i mean...her boyfriend and she, own a place near katherine and corie's and they needed their front patch i did it today - we'll see what the payoff is...really it took very little time - maybe 15 minutes - so, maybe a dessert.
i had a few of those peppermint patties today - chocolate covered, flat discs...i don't know the brand but super tasty. i'm not sure i could eat many of them in a row, which is really a good thing, but good stuff.
25 scoreless innings. where's lou? with his mom that's where.
bright lights for issy's pal, ruth, who is going in for some surgery tomorrow and has been having a rough time of late.
ok. i'm all full of pasta and all lawned out for the day. nap time soon enough.
26 scoreless.

g. xo

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Tamara said...

Hey you...
my comment is unrelated in any way except for in regard to Lou Reed.
My 15 year old son Carson is a musician, a guitarist. He's been playing since he was two, he's a natural musician and beautiful to listen to. Anyways, I brag, but I think he's fine.
I have been enjoying his sojourn as he discovers my old record collection, and works his way through what moves him musically.
He's into jazz & blues, Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Thelonious Monk.
And he LOVES Lou Reed, mainly Transformer & Berlin.
So I wanted to share that with you- because Lou Reed always reminds me of the young days.
Hope you are well, my friend. xo