Tuesday, July 26, 2011


the ferry is awesome.

last night after hockey corie and i stopped in at roma on hastings for a snack. the pizza there is amazing - have i told you that before? well, fuck it, i'm telling you again.
we also had a little appy but what made the meal for me was the dessert - i don't eat a lot of dessert but this was the shizznaz...or something.

semifreddo. look it up. the one we had last night was a almond version with hot cherries on top and side...good god it was good.
have you heard 'heart attack' by raphael saadiq? find it. old school sound from the new school.
i've been thinking a lot lately about moving...i know i can't, not yet, but i do think about it a lot.
i was also thinking about getting a tattoo on my neck the other day...what the fuck? and also had a conversation about dogs and maybe getting one..huh? it's like a portion of my brain just turned right off...the smart thinking part...

g. xo

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