Sunday, July 10, 2011

beach and greens

young lovers taking pictures at the beach...

i went to the beach today...ate lunch there, hung out and even laid down and shut my eyes and had a little relax...i haven't down that at kits beach since i did it with kerry nursey - a girl i went to high school with - in 1983, i think...i'm not a beach guy. i like the beach, i like riding by it, being near the water, sitting and looking out at the view, etc...but i don't, generally, stay. at the beach.

today ailsa and fiona and some family friends were heading down there so i rode my bike down there and met-up with them. the beach can be the great equalizer in many ways - i'm pretty lumpy but at the beach, i'm not the lumpiest...close, but not the lumpiest. it was good. there was some swimming - not by me, some kite flying and some good snacks. afterwards i rode over to 'lack of choices' and got a few groceries - it was then i noticed that my front brake had basically fallen off and the fender was falling off as well. nice. gotta get out the wrenches.

this week i'm gonna take out some of the garden and do a re-plant and hope i get a better second crop of goods. i think i may do another trip to the plant auction with marcy - this time katherine may come with me and get some stuff for herself as well.
what the fuck does my upstairs neighbour keep dragging across the floor...?

g. xo

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