Wednesday, July 20, 2011

short note to say...

i just had one of those incredibly random things happen that made my week, perhaps my month...i was going to go grocery shopping and then head home and make something before my hockey game tonight but, instead, went to get a rib eye at, have a drink, go sweat it out on the ice with the bombers...
as i was parking i saw this guy walking up the street that looked so familiar to me, and he was, and he should have been, because i knew him. kevin rose. now kevin rose and i were never tight, or really great friends, but good friends, and i have, over the 20 plus years that i have known him, had some amazing conversations with him, shared laughs, watched him play in bands that were amazing, talked music, interviewed him on the radio, amazingly friendly and engaging man.
and there he was walking up fourth as i plugged my meter. another minute and i would have missed him.
kevin played in a whole host of bands and i got to know him when he was playing in crash, bang, crunch, pop with ron reyes and the boys from the gutter snipes. it was then that i also found out that his wife, trina, had confessed to him that she had a huge crush on me from listening to me on the radio on citr and later on the CBC.
kevin was the guitar player that drove all the girls wild. good looking and talented. he later played in the wongs with chi pig and Coal with marcus rogers, nicole and ian tiles.
after we spoke for a bit i told him i was going in to refuel for dinner and he asked if i was meeting anyone and i said no, he then asked if he could join me...and what followed was an amazing dinner with an old friend - somewhat like the dinner i had the other night with muc and jenn except it hadn't been years and years since i had seen muc and jenn...
i could go on and tell of the stories we told and the way it made me feel to have this immediate connection with someone i hadn't seen in years, but i won't. suffice to say it was great.

thanks kevin.

g. xo

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