Sunday, July 17, 2011

one back and forth.

it hasn't been the best weekend on record, but the sun came up this morning and after some gardening - some of that stuff had to come out to make way for new plants that will hopefully grow - and some sweeping up of gravel - i finally got it together and ran small 'birdseye' gravel around the perimeter of the deck to make it look less gappy and more finished - i am ready to face the day. if this weather holds, even for a couple hours, i'll be able to get judy's place mowed and feel better about cashing the cheque she sent me for four cuts even though i had only done three.
marc and jenn are in town and at the last minute i made an appearance at the shum's to see them. we made plans, i think, to eat together tonight so that'll be nice. it's not often the boy from thunder bay makes it to town so i want him to leave fat and happy - jenn on the other hand i just want to see happy. i may see if they're interested in going to roma.
i just finished reading, or scanning, the new georgia straight and i feel like i just read a copy from 1989 or for gigs and concerts by the go-go's at the commodore, soundgarden at roger's arena, portihead at the forum, butthole surfers at the rickshaw, blink-182 and rancid at roger's arena...holy cow. wanna feel old read the concert listings in the straight.
ok. i need a snack.

g. xo

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