Tuesday, July 05, 2011


it's not easy being green.
it's also not easy being someone who is a little bit grumpy. and sometimes a lot grumpy. but someone who also has a huge heart and does most everything with the best of intentions and, while somewhat of a misanthrope, loves those around him more than he can truly express. if you are called 'friend' by me, you'll know it. you'll know what it means to be my friend and, hopefully, you'll feel what all that means and what it entails. i have an inner circle. if you're in there. you know.
i don't always do the right thing - i didn't the other day - but not on purpose. e.mails have been sent and apologies written and in the end, no one died. no cuts had to be mended.
i'm a hard one to love. i know that. but to those who do, i thank you.
i can be an asshole, give the silent treatment, be distant, judgemental, etc...but for all the bad there's much more good, i think. maybe i'm wrong. but i also know that those around me that i love have many of the same traits and i love them unconditionally.
i'm gonna go cut some grass and think about you. and how much i love you.

g. xo

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