Friday, July 08, 2011

burnin' gas and eatin' beets..

well, eating one beet. a few weeks ago don hoven pulled out a beet in my garden to see where i was at - i told him to do it - and yesterday i pulled out another one to actually eat. not huge but it looked good enough to eat - and it was...fuckin' great. i boiled it and put it in a nice salad with a lot of other goodies...nice action. i should have planted more as i'll be through them in no time but i don't have as much room as others may have to grow lots of what they want...i have a few choice things in small doses. so i'll just make sure i enjoy them....i'm gonna pull up some carrots tomorrow and see what's what.
it was the end of the second week on the new flick and because we don't yet have a driver i am doing all the driving that needs to be done at this point, or at least 85% of it as some of the boys will go on runs if seven actual working days i have gone through almost three tanks of's a long way to parts of surrey and then back across the road over to west van....then maybe downtown. there's also a lot of construction on right now which i managed to get stuck in three times today. no biggie i have dan patrick.
tonight we, mishi joined me at the last minute, went out and had dinner with issy at brown's social house in tsawwassen...always great to see issy. she had smuggled some shoes for me from the point and i had a duvet cover to give her for the duvet i gave her last week. a pretty good trade.
more sun has helped the pot and made my tomato plants grow but still no fruit on the plants...i'm crossing my finger but...

my geo thermal pump was making some odd sounds the past while - well months really - and yesterday a tech finally came by for what i thought would be a look-see and then a decision on what would be done but he changed the compressor right then and there - took him under 40 minutes and now it's as it should be - silent. it's actually kinda odd now without the grunting failing compressor sound when it switches on. but nice.

ok. bed soon - lawns tomorrow.

g. xo

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