Wednesday, July 27, 2011

mini-bike pool party disco dance off

it's about time but the red is beginning to show on one side of my garden and more green is happening on the other side...maybe by the time the burgers come off the grill on the weekend there will be tomatoes to put on some of the snacks and for some fresh pico de gallo. nice.

a big super duper thank-you to andrew who came with me tonight to the loft in gastown to help me fix the leaky pipe under the sink...while i know what's what, more or less, i always like to have someone there for moral support and to lend a hand where i need it...corie has come to the rescue before and tonight it was andrew for his third trip. good pals helping me out. i did the work tonight but andrew's advice was priceless...
check out these things...pretty fuckin' cool.

ok. relaxo.

g. xo

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