Friday, May 16, 2008


i went and had a coffee tonight with a friend of mine i hadn't seen in person for a very long, but i'll have to give the details on that later...
on my way home i picked-up a georgia straight and, once home and all snug in my red chair, i started flipping through it. i don't really read the straight, not many people do, but i do read certain things....and one thing i read with some sort of regularity was 'dot comment' by dave watson, a techo column for those of us constantly confused by blue-ray and dvd and surround sound and computer jingus ....that column went away not long ago and i stopped looking for it. although, i did - one night - read something in his column and tried to contact him to ask him a stupid question but never got through to him. i now know why...he had bigger fish to fry. dave had gotten cancer.
dave and i first met at citr radio as young disfunctional members of that club. he had a love of hawaiian shirts and cigarettes, as did i. we loved the rock and could love springsteen and the new wiseblood or doa track as if they were the same thing. we were both a little grumpy, but in a good natured way and both liked beer. dave and i were never close but i was always happy to see him and sit at the bar and talk rock or ramble on about something we both thought was important. or not.
dave was part of a crew that included mark mushet, chris dafoe, steve robertson, gord badanic, barry hlynka ....oh shit i could name so many, but it was a great bunch of people and a time i'd not trade for anything.
dave died on may 7th, the day after my birthday, up in sechelt. there's a great article in the georgia straight about him plus links to some stories he did about, well, dying.

well, that's that.

he was a good guy.

garn xo

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