Friday, May 23, 2008

laurie mercer owes me money.

this is laurie mercer. i cut his lawn. he owes me money. (please refer to the blog dated may 13th entitled 'assholes, dog shit and rim-lickers...' for details on this problema.) i did e.mail him and asked him what he meant by fair' when he only paid me part of the money he owed me - no response. another vancouver (now kelowna) deatbeat - rich rock, he has decided not to pay me - seemingly. nice. and just so it's out there and this question is and has been answered, there was never any debate about cost of cutting his lawn - the good guy family and friends price of $25.00 per cut, or the total amount owed for almost and entire season of cutting.
so there ya have it.
i'm not happy to have to put this up but fuck it...i'm not here to be a door mat...and if someone thinks that i'm gonna do work for them, at a set price and then be happy with getting less than i have worked for and deserve, and i should think that's fair...fuck that shit. let's fuckin' jam.

g. xo

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