Tuesday, May 13, 2008

assholes, dog shit and rim-lickers...

yesterday was not the best lawn cutting day ever - not by a long shot. although looking back now with a clearer view, it wasn't as bad as i thought at the time. while it was going south i would have to say i had thoughts of packing it in - but then what would i do while i'm not on a show - and who knows if i ever will be again...sit at home and check my e.mail over and over and watch tv?...nope, i may as well keep cutting and really, i love it, but yesterday....shitola. i think i may have to send out a couple letters to a couple of clients to change the rules mid-stream. i have made the rules clear - as seen on my fancy new website - but for these clients i feel they were kinda grandfathered in...but now, it may be time. dog toys, bones, pieces of cement and wood in the middle of the yard on one as well and yard tools and such, i don't dig that shit. not at all. also, the cost of their lawn cutting is really not enough to make it worth my while - literally it may actually cost me more to cut it than they pay me....so, times they may be a changin'. the other client, well, the need for real cash money may have finally exceeded my original contra deal with them...all barter, no cash..now maybe some cash may have to be included....we'll see. i'm a softie, but i may have t stop that.
one such client from last year who owed me money for a quite a while has made a couple of payments - but only when i ask himvia e.mail but still owed me - as of this morning - $235.00. so i left him another message asking how it was going....he said if i made it 150 bux he'd give me that. so there it was in my paypal account, 150 clams with a subject line of "i think this is fair"...huh?...what the fuck?...so it wasn't fair when i cut your lawn for $25 a cut, and then had to wait a year to get any money from you at all...no, you owe me another 85 bux...get on it. and to those of you wondering, yes, a lot of you will know this guy when i finally get writing his name here for you to see. much like that other loser who lives in kelowna i outted a few months ago...maybe they're dating, they sure have enough in common to be great for each other.
yesterday - back to that now - after the garbs and i had cut a couple of lawns, we/i decided that we had had enough and should just eat...so we headed own to capers to get a snack. we had ordered a couple of smoothies, along with a couple of sandwiches. garbs grabbed the sandwiches and i was on my way over to get the smoothies when i see some guy and his girlfriend grab, what i think are our drinks...and because there was a little excess dripping on the side of his (which turned out to be the garbs drink) cup, he licked it off and then put his straw into...i looked over to the woman who was making the drinks to see if there were a couple more drinks coming up, and there was but they were their drinks - but they were already drinking ours..i told the guy he was drinking our drinks and he pulled out the straw and started to hand it to me...oh, no thanks pal, your tongue's been on that baby...you can keep it. his girlfriend said after realizing she wasn't drinking what she had ordered, "i thought these seemed thick, because we ordered juice..." oh man. they made us new drinks and the world was back on its axis.
we then went and cut one more lawn, went to the shop and saw mr. lemay and headed downtown to end our day of cutting and such. not before, of course, stopping off at bosa for a drink. somethings never change.
this morning i made my way over to the massage dude who works out of my chiro. office. he's a good guy and we're trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with my back and neck area. sleeping has before hit and miss, tying my hockey skates is very painful - the bending over to reach the laces is awesome....it's all kinda bad. so after the massage and chiro today they've decided i'm kinda fucked...that i need t go back to the home traction unit i bought years ago...awesome. so...that's the plan now. we'll see what happens.
i think i'll stay home for the rest of the day. see ya later...

g. xo

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