Sunday, May 18, 2008

jaden's big day out...

shauna's sister has a couple of kids...jaden and connor...on saturday connor came over for a while but decided he'd rather play air guitar at home so only his sister would stay and hang out with us the rest of the day. while i took conner back to his couch in pitt meadows, shauna and jaden went to meet-up with ang and go for a ride on their bikes around the seawall. when i got home from my exciting trip to maple ridge i grabbed my bike and met them at english bay and away we went to granville island to see the garbs and eat some of his birthday cake...which was wicked! i love that guy and i really loved the cake mishi bought for him...i believe it's called the diplomat. i think the garbs had a good time yesterday and seemed in great spirits despite his advanced years. chris came over from jj bean, katherine and corie made it down even though they were a little under the weather from the night before....he who can not be named was there - but unseen by me, or really anyone. some folks who were just there, literally, sang to the garbs and had some cake as well. jaden had a good time as well. a little hang at the pickle, a donut, a show by an escape artist, a nice ride around the park along the seawall, she got to meet the garbs and mishi, a taco at topanga cafe with ang, devon, shauna and me, some ice cream at casa gelato and a movie back at the house...pretty good.
i took larry out to issy's last night because they guy who i rent a space from here - who i've never actually met, has asked to have his spot back so....for now larry lives at issy's. that could change....anything can i guess. issy took me to the bus loop in ladner and i was a little worried when, at 11:35 pm, the 11:25 pm bus hadn't shown up yet...but then there it was and away i went. it was actually fine. i read, istened to inane conversations and got home around 12:25 am...nice.
ang and i went and cut a few lawns today and then ended-up a the shop and washed the elephant and the went for a late lunch at vera burgers....then we went somewhere else that i'll talk about later on...kind of exciting though....
ok...more later.

g. xo

jaden gets down with a marg at topanga cafe.

shauna wonders if jaden should be having a marg.

and a one, and a two and a three....

i've been drinkin'.

so have i.

devon colors at topanga.

the girls enjoy a snack next to the dumpster.

the garbs shows katherine some of his dance moves.

the garbs gets the diplomat.

ang gets ready for some ice cream.

where the hell is the last bus?

chris loves the diplomat.

ang gets ready to dig into her vera burger.




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