Friday, May 20, 2011

sweet tooth...

last night the garbs and i mowed down a couple burgers at refuel and, since they didn't have the dessert the garbs likes anymore (he loves the sugar pie they used to have but are not making anymore) , we headed over to the new campagnolo roma on hastings street and sampled their desserts. we ordered two and they gave us three...pretty good. the garbs kept looking at their pizzas and thinking that mishi would like it there so i think a trip there is in mishi's future. good stuff.

the other day when i went to the auction with marcy, i bought more tomatoes plants than i could ever use so...if you'd like a plant, or two, let me know. for $3.50 a plant they're yours, or free...there are three different types and i'll let you know what i've got left when and if you e.mail me. i put up a note in my building elevator but someone took it down. i then put up another thanking the person for taking down my note - it got taken down too. so no one in my building gets cheap plants. fuck 'em.

have a great friday!

g. xo

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