Tuesday, May 24, 2011

lawn order heads west

dez hussey, who works at topanga, works also as a landscaper and his boss called me the other day and asked if i'd go look at a lawn down on west 2nd in point grey near the vancouver yacht club....fancy...so after a refuel burger the other night, the garbs and i went by and had a look at a lawn that hadn't been cut yet this season. and it was longer and even longer today, as i struck up a deal earlier this week, to cut it - i think...well, at least this fist cut. and i'm going to sing the praises, again, of the new honda i bought on the weekend . it's so great that it makes short, no pun intended, work of a long lawn. i love it.
i just had a wacky leftovers kinda meal - a couple mini burgers - minus the buns, eggs, toast, soup and the sweet potatoes from last night. a little of each. good stuff.

ok. now a little yogurt - a new avalon dairy yogurt that's quite nice i must say and then relaxo.

have fun.

night night.

g. xo

good lookin'...i should have done a before and after...

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