Tuesday, May 10, 2011

jesus...? this is garnet...

dear god.

my name is garnet harry. i live in vancouver. i know it's lame when people are dying or think they're gonna die and they call out your name - and i promise to never, ever do that. i promise. so no call from a sinking ship will ever come from me. but, can you please make sure the canucks don't win the stanley cup. please. i promise to never ask for anything else ever.
they won the game last night and are now going to to meet either detroit - who i love but don't think can pull it off this year - or san jose - who maybe can but i don't know. i just don't have the faith i should have.
and really, it's not the team that bugs me the most, it's the fucking fans. those band wagon jumpers - not all but a lot of them. if you've ever been to a game you'll know what i'm on about. filled with people who say things like, 'we kicked ass tonight', 'we won', 'we....'....no you didn't win - unless of course you actually play for the canucks...alert - the players don't actually give a shit about you, they're playing for pay cheques.
yes, i know it's only hockey and who gives a fuck really, and junior hockey is so much more entertaining- before the players become jaded and tainted by big dollar contracts. i know all of this. (and really that the NHL is complete bullshit - i can hardly watch a whole game it bores me so much sometimes...)
but please, help a guy out. i don't care if they go to the finals - just don't let them win. please. i don't ask for much. please. do me this one solid.

g. xo

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