Tuesday, May 17, 2011

happy sadness

a while back i discovered an album i had on my computer that i knew i had, but that i had never given a real listen to...but it kept coming up - or songs from it did - during random play while i was hanging out in my apartment in mexico. and the more i heard the more i liked what i heard. it was the antlers album 'hospice'.
this last week, i think, the new album by the antlers was/has been released and last night, after i dropped off larry, i walked to the noodlebox listening to it on my headphones.
imagine, if you've heard, craig weldren's, from shudder to think, voice singing a song not unlike 'the saddest day of my life' or 'no. room 9, kentucky' and you'll sort of get the sound of this album, but add more falsetto and air and you're on the right track. slow, deliberate, i hate to add it but, haunting and yes, sad. i listened to it three times last night. maybe my description is way off...maybe not. but i love it.

just sayin'.

g. xo

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