Sunday, May 15, 2011

the good, the bad and the really clean...

against my better judgement i'm posting this picture that was sent to me...left to right - dave espley (aka kramer), steve williams and me on our grad night. about 12 hours later i was asleep on a lawn on english bluff road. in between that time there was a dinner, don bull driving me around in his '63 falcon - he left after a while - a couple hot tubs, drinks then more drinks and then a long nap. and no one mad at me.


well...after some brain action and visit to the apple store in pacific - where i met jonathon (an apple kid who is a network expert..) - i got this stereo thing to work. he made a suggestion that opened the door to a few other possibilities and while in the shower it all came to me. and after a few cables were moved around in my router and a little config. away it went. there are still a few little things but overall i'm up and running - buckner's on right now ("don't buy any cd's from those people over there...they're ripping me off...." now that's a long but good story...) anyhow...the music is on at the garnyard so that's good. and after living like a man with one thing on his mind and one task, i finally cleaned my place after many days of squaller. there was a general mess in this place that included an old stereo receiver (still for sale...), empty boxes from a new hard drive and a new receiver, empty pop cans, glasses that once held smoothies (days old...), clothes that just couldn't make it to the laundry hamper, it's all been sorted out now that i can avert my mental gaze from the new stereo issues.
yesterday's bomber game didn't go as planned...although my plan was to just keep up...i cut a few lawns yesterday and played bombers so last night's sleep was a good one...
yesterday's action also included a nice dinner at crave with ailsa and fiona...if you haven't been there you really should check it out - i had the beet salad and then some ribs...that beef salad is the shizna. good stuff. garvie had the steak and spot prawns and fiona the big man sized burger. nice action.
today's lawn action has been postponed until another day...sadly. too wet for this guy. rain cutting sucks. period. the new lawn order shirts (limited edition nixon version) should be ready in the next ten days or you want one let me know...don't be shy...(they're free...) a hoodie version would cost you but otherwise step right up.
i just realized i put my fleece in the wash and in the pocket were/was/are three cheques that really should have gone to the bank not the washer. bummer. i guess a few e.mails will be sent out..."hi, the dog ate my cheque...."
more here to do...

g. xo

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