Monday, May 09, 2011

2550 and 47...and other numbers.

let me start off by saying a big old hearty thank-you to all of you who took the time to wish me a happy birthday last friday. yup, i'm another year older. not better, just older. and that's ok. i guess...and if it isn't, oh well. i had a barnburner of a birthday - work was insanely busy and basically non-stop disco action from the start to the end of the day. makes it go quickly, the day, but at the end, wowza, tired.
but then i got to have a very nice dinner with garvie at bishop's on 4th ave. i hadn't been there for what seems like 15 or more years and it really does live up to it's billing. and john bishop still comes to the table to say hello. and in a much less showman way than vig. i like that. garvie had duck and i had beef tenderloin...with all the fixin's. some nice action...thanks ailsa.
five times today i saw guys with shaved heads and big beards. weird look. like their head is upside down. just sayin'...odd trend to see so many in one day - including one just now on House.
a big happy mother's day was had, i think, by issy last night. the garbs, mishi and i met up with issy at brown's social house and ate like champs - a phrase issy used last night and i was so proud when she did. in a million years i could never have been given a better mom. i love you issy.
i had to work saturday, which wasn't a huge deal since it was raining like a bastard and i couldn't cut anyways, so sunday i had to make some tracks and get some lawns done...i'm still behind - i played catch-up tonight getting at one after work and will do another tomorrow - but i'll get it all done. i get kinda wigged-out when it rains and i get behind but, as ailsa says, people understand...but i still get edgy about it...
i do love cutting the lawns.
i'm gonna have a bowl of cereal.

g. xo

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