Tuesday, May 10, 2011

everything must go, everything must go...

i'm changing things up a bit at the garnyard - for no other reason than i want to and need to and am going to. and with that some things come up for sale or maybe even free.

i have a pioneer elite amplifier (click for all the info) that is awesome but really much more than i ever needed. the elite series is pioneer's high end shit. the only caveat i have about this amp is that commercial electronics did some work on it about a year ago and now one input doesn't work - the ipod input but if you're going to run an ipod through it you just choose another input of which there are many. this is a nice machine. the price will be nice as well...originally this thing was around 1500.00.
speaking of ipods...i have an old - in the world of ipods it's old - 80 gig video ipod. while it doesn't work as well as it did - it stalls out sometimes...a reset always gets it going. i'm really only looking for a good home for this. it's loaded up with music and ready to go. e.mail me and i'll let you know if i still have it.
i also have an apple airport express i'm looking to sell. i've had this for about six or seven months and it works perfectly. i'm moving to a different system so i won't need it anymore. maybe you do...offers accepted.
i also have a men's large car coat style leather jacket...going cheap. i bought it, wore it maybe three times and it has ben hung in my closet for years. made by danier leather. nice jacket but i just thought i was a leather jacket guy...and i'm not. basically beer or whatever gets you this jacket.
i will be, soon, going thorough a bunch of my clothes and getting rid of things i no longer wear...501 levis, cool t-shirts, blazers, etc...so if you're into such things let me know...

g. xo

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