Friday, May 13, 2011

clap your hands, if you think you're in the right place.

it's been a couple of days to be sure.
i had heard that the food at the red wagon on hastings street - an old greasy spoon (actually it may have been more western/chinese) that has been taken over by hipsters (both in the seats and by the serving staff)- was suppose to be pretty good, so i went by yesterday for lunch. it's right across the street from the new campagnolo roma - a new place opened up by the folks from refuel and campagnolo. i had heard talk of the pulled pork pancakes and big sandwiches...i didn't need a huge lunch so i had the burger. a place can often be measured by the greatness of it's burger. in this case i hope not. the burger is ok, if a little overdone (some folks hate the pink...), and lacked any real distinct flavor. not terrible but not one to re-order any time soon. it's basic. so if you want a basic burger. no surprises. get it.
my geo-thermal pump at my place is making noise awesome. it works fine but i think i'll lose it if i have to hear the noise it makes all summer - whenever that starts. so, once again, people are gonna come into my place and have a listen.
in other news...
i had this great idea to integrate the stereo with the new airplay system instead of my air tunes thingy from apple - and now am wondering what i was or am thinking. i was up until midnight last night trying to get it to work....and it still isn't. i'm sure it will, eventually, but not right now. there was a lot of slow burning last night and i tried to get it to work. and yes, i read all the instructions and did so over and over. i have a 30 day return on it so it may end up back at best buy yet. i'm gonna go at it again tonight...
i cut a lawn today at lunch and i think the fertilizer i put on their grass was some sort of bionic grass fuel. long and think and anyhow. it was a test for sure. lisa's tonight after work before i head home to fight with the new stereo equipment.

have a great weekend.

g. xo

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