Monday, May 30, 2011

four bagger night life

holy cow.
i left a lawn i usually do on the weekends until tonight because i was asked to - why? well, the strata is having their AGM (annual general meeting) tuesday and ali, my pal and caretaker, thought it would be nice to have a nice looking lawn for the people who only show up during the story, too late, made short - i did it tonight and it was a hard go. in the end four huge bags - no shit about 75 to 90 lbs each. fuckers. my trailer is loaded down now. i'd go down the hall to workout but i'm fuckin' beat.

speaking of beat...i'd say the pizza's at the new roma campagnolo or campagnolo roma are unbeatable. or at the very least - fuckin' great. after hockey last night i grabbed the garbs and mishi and we went there for snacks. we had three different pizzas and a nice salad...oh, and the chef sent over a pasta made with ox tail that was awesome as's really a place that neighbourhood needed. they've been packing them in since they opened and you should really go by. i know corie and katherine went there the other night and had a great meal as well. it's nice for them as they can walk there from their new place. rob - bartender extraordinaire at refuel and k-win made the scene as well last night.

ok. i need some food...oh, and tonight's fare is a nice kale and white bean soup made by a woman i cut grass for - or have cut grass for. she's a chef. no i'm serious. a real chef. i don't want to drop names but she works with a certain iron chef and she paid me for cutting her lawn in food. salmon, sausages and soup. great deal as far as i'm concerned. bartering lawn cutting for food is my idea of success. good times.

g. xo

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