Friday, August 06, 2010

what we do...when we do it....

people often wonder what i do, at work, besides playing slap and tickle with the boys. i, buy a lot of stuff - fittings, copper, steel, explosives, rent stuff, have stuff delivered, track budgets, work with the coordinator, accountants, etc...i used to work on set - and in a pinch still do but not often. i'm like the comptroller or acquisitions guy, a buyer of sorts...and the things i buy give the boys the tools, so to speak, to ply their trade on set and in the shop to make shit happen. and they do an amazing job and while, sometimes, i feel like a much lesser cog in the big film fx wheel, someone has to do what i do and...well, that's me.
but the reason for all this is...a film we all worked on earlier this year and that will be released in march of next year, suckerpunch, directed by zack snyder - who also directed 300 and watchmen, now has a trailer on the old interweb so i thought i'd pass on the link so you can see kinda what we do...if it explodes, or is on fire, or smoky or covered in snow - we all did looks pretty great...


g. xo

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