Sunday, August 01, 2010

the garbs and me.

and donna and me.
the fabulous donna murray e.mailed me the other day and told me she was gonna be in the 'hood sunday and wondered if i'd like to hang out...maybe drink some coffee, walk with her downtown to hang out while she did an errand...etc..sure, i'll do that - donna being the coolest person from steveston i know and great pal of the fawnz...we were looking for some coffee down near yaletown and i managed to steer her away from starbucks and over to the jj bean near yaletown and i think she's happy i did...she's a fan now of the americano there. glad to help.
after i bid a fond farewell to donna i rode down to the island and saw mishi and the garbs...both the garbs and i were starvin' marvin so we headed over to whole paycheque and had a few snacks...

then it was off to the co-op to get the garbs a new bit of rubber - that turned out to be the wrong size so he had to go back to get a new tire while i sat in a park close by and read more of The Road...(finished up happy tale...)

once he had fixed his cruiser we were off to see tammy at jj bean, her new home, and meet-up with donovan and run into the man with the biggest muttonchops in all of lotusland - tony. king of the main street pawnshop...

after our main street visit, i told the garbs i wanted to see the big birds down at the olympic village so we rode down there and had a little i hope them there birds weren't made by anyone's art pal...or at least anyone who reads, i think they're cool, or a cool idea, but i was a little let-down when i saw them. i like the legs but the fiberglass body has a pretty shoddy paint job - some bad airbrushing that make it look kinda cheap, fast and outta steal a line from errol morris. but the folks milling about taking pictures seemed to like them and that's what matters. to bellingham tomorrow morning to stock-up at trader joe's and eat a burrito at casa que pasa...

good times.

g. xo

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