Wednesday, August 18, 2010

a second chance to make a first impression.

one night i saw a band on saturday night live that i had heard of, that the kids were all talkin' about, the way the kids talk about bands they like a lot. so there they were, on the stage at rockafeller centre, performing, and i couldn't stop laughing, well, until i stopped in disbelief...because i realized they were completely serious in their over-the-topness. their seriousness. the drama was, well, dramatic. it's the only word i can come up with. well, that and pretentious. was a little much for this old guy...
now, today, for some reason i found myself listening to their new album and really enjoying it - sure, it can still be a little over the top but it's good...a toe-tapper.

the new arcade fire album - suburbs.
give it a listen, a second chance. i'm pretty sure i'll never want to see them again, but the album is pretty good...

g. xo

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