Saturday, August 21, 2010

it's the little things...

i can get jazzed-up. it's the truth - i know it's hard to believe but it's true. and i know that sometimes it's the little shit - the shit that shouldn't matter or that should just be dismissed.
my car door won't stay open. most doors, on cars, when you open them they stay open. mine, no matter what angle, closes on me. i fuckin' hate it. to the point where i may just sell it because of that.
today i was handed something by someone and while i was holding it, it broke. wicked. then when i went to the shop to make him a new one, it sucked. so i'll start again monday when i feel more like making something.
the ketchup i made sucks. what the fuck am i going to make with all these fuckin' tomatoes? one plant would have been enough. and really, my garden kinda sucks. better luck next year.
i hate that - and this is a dick thing to say and i know it so don't give me any grief about it - people from all over the lower mainland love to come into the city during the summer. i know we should all welcome people from all over into the city and be pals and ....whatever...i hate the dicks in their cameros cruising around looking for a fight and treating the city like their own personal toilet. and then they go back to surrey...or wherever.
certain parts of my building are looking so ghetto. marks on the walls, shit stuffed into parking stalls - junk, etc...renters who don't give a shit. welcome to the new van horne, just the westside version.
i keep losing sunglasses.
and now i've been talked into going to the richmond night market by the garbs...mishi's coming too...something i have less than zero interest in...but i'm going...why? because i love the garbs and he keeps asking to we're going to go. even though the garbs won't cross the border with me, i'll take him to the night market...
ok. i need a shower and some drugs to get rid of this fuckin' massive headache i have....

have fun.

g. xo

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