Sunday, August 15, 2010

swedes and skateboards

after i tucked away the last of my lawns for the weekend and put in my last load of laundry i ventured out to granville island to see the kids at the pickle...who weren't there...they were playing hooky watching the championship game in the rogers' cup tennis thingy....who can blame 'em. so i did what i have done before when they're not open, i opened the pickle myself and had it all up and running by the time mishi made her way there a little later. mishi was wearing her sweden dress that she made for the olympic games to show her support of her fellow swedes...and as luck would have it a woman from california came by who was from california but was also a swede...she liked mishi's dress...nice action.
the garbs called and said he was gonna go hang with don-hoven so mishi was now on her own for dinner so we decided it was a margarita and quesadilla kind of the meantime, because i had time to kill before she was to close the pickle, i went for a ride downtown and had a little look-see to see what was what in the big city...saw a little granville mall skateboarding, ate a little snack at whole paycheque and then went back to the island to get the goods for our here i sit, waiting for mishi to arrive finishing up the end of my domestic duties, making guacamole and grilling corn....snack o-plenty!

good times...

g. xo

dudes givin' 'er on granville come no one rides in shorts anymore? gotta be fuckin' hot in jeans skatin'....

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