Monday, August 30, 2010

ailsa meets floyd, larry rocks the island and cam and jess hoss-down

it was a weekend to be sure. ailsa and i had decided to go and see my dad and janine over at their new homestead in sannich - just outside victoria - and see what was what. ailsa had gone over friday to hang-out with her long-time pal tara and do a little catch-up and i'd follow saturday morning. which i did. and i have to say, as a guy who hates the whole ferry experience - it was pretty good. painless both sides. the ferry runs every hour tsawwassen to victoria but over at the other end - horsebay to naniamo - it runs every two hours miss it there and you're, ferry action, pretty good.

i meet up with garvie at tara's and then we headed into town and had some coffee - at a shop that was, seemingly, designed by a few folks who had spent a lot of time at places like stumptown coffee in portland. it kinda freaked me out initially - as did the girl who sat down right next to us and laughed out loud as she read her book - but the coffee was good so a-ok.

we walked around and hung out - there was a street fair going on (johnston st. days) and then we headed out to the new homestead. got lost - my fault - and then, after some map checking, got it sorted out. (thanks ailsa.) it also turns out that cells phones don't have much of a chance out there in the hinterland. which is a little frustrating when you're trying to call and get directions...
floyd and janine have a great new place...a three bedroom place with a great rolling backyard and deck that is huge and well suited to hanging out. their friend mark is handling a lot of the reno duties and floyd and janine are doing a lot themselves as well. they have a parade of contractors coming through daily and hope to have it all sorted by october. it'll be a great place. quiet, a beach very close by, good neighbours.

ailsa and i headed home in the morning, as i had to cut a few lawns and then we had to get ready for some bbq action - cam and jessica were coming over for some snacks. mini-burgers, halibut, grilled zucchini, fried onions and potatoes, great salad with some of my tomatoes, home made ketchup, corn on the cob, etc...nice. it was nice to have them over...a little chilly on the deck but great. i sent them home with a nice, grown by me, zucchini squash and some home made ketchup jess seemed to like.
so good times.

now back to regularly scheduled programming.

g. xo

some more pics from the weekend.

i love watching people take pictures of each other.

nice snacks at floyd and janine's.

mark - their good friend/ex-neighbour who is handling the reno duties.

ailsa makes the scene at floyd and janine's.

ailsa and janine.

floyd discovers udder guys ice cream.

bbq action last night.

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